by Marc Neal By now we’ve all heard about Kansas City Chief kicker Harrison Butker saying women should aspire to be homemakers, among other stereotypical and misogynistic tropes. He can hoist of his own petard, as Shakespeare said, I am not here to discuss him. I want to discuss what Whoopi Goldberg said in response […]

You Must Respect Misogyny!?

In an era where the thunder of anxiety and conflict seems more like a backdrop to our daily lives, the song “99 Luftballons” by Nena emerges not just as an anti-war anthem but as a profound reminder of our tendency to interpret, construct narratives, and jump to worst-case scenarios.  This German pop hit from the […]

Finding Peace in a World of “99 Luftballons”: A Spiritual Coaching Perspective

In this month’s Healer Profile, we will meet one of our amazing, multi-talented, and multi-dimensional teacher/instructor/mentor/coach, Matthieu Caldwell. At 31, Matthew has already achieved so much and has established himself on his path of phenomenal growth. He proudly serves as a father to two remarkable boys, Kairo and Ezekiel, and cherishes his role as a […]

April Healer’s Profile

The Solar Eclipse of April 8th, 2024 Written by Ali Duncan Every so often, the universe treats us to a breathtaking celestial spectacle, reminding us of our place in the vast cosmos. On April 8th, 2024, a remarkable event will unfold in the sky: a total solar eclipse. This cosmic experinece, where the moon passes […]

Embracing the Celestial Dance

Written by Marc Neal Well, it might be nothing you aren’t doing now. It may be less than you do and are. Or, more likely, it’s a whole new way of looking at, seeing, and accepting yourself and the world around you. This revolution will be, and is, the foundation of universal and profound change […]

What is The Love Revolution?

Article written by Ali Duncan Embracing an Open Heart in the Time of the Love Revolution In a world brimming with change, uncertainty, and often tumultuous shifts, there exists a quiet revolution, one that is not waged with weapons or loud declarations but with something far more potent: love. This is not just romantic love, […]

The Magic of an Open Heart

Hey, radiant souls! In the whirlwind of life, it’s crucial to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground while dancing to our own rhythm. Embrace your divine femininity and unleash your inner power with these five playful strategies to stay grounded. Let’s dive into the magical world of self-discovery and resilience! Conclusion:In the dance […]

Goddess Grounding: Unleashing Your Inner Power with 5 Playful Ways to Stay Centered